Ryan + Lauren | Jamaica Elopement



I was thrilled when Lauren contacted me asking if I would be interested to capture their wedding in Jamaica! Not only do I love to shoot weddings, but I also LOVE to travel. Therefore, the combination of the two is an extreme bonus. Both Ryan and Lauren decided to have an intimate wedding with just the two of them at Secret St. James in Montego Bay. What I witnessed on their wedding day was nothing short of true love. They picked January 7th because that was the day their 8th anniversary fell on, and what better way to spend that anniversary than saying ‘I do’ to your best friend.

Ryan and Lauren’s elopement had some sweet treasures, starting with candy from one of their favorite places that Ryan brought along with them to give the day of their wedding. From handwritten notes to a well-written poem Ryan gave to Lauren, this wedding was as sweet as they come.

One of my favorite treasures of their wedding was the sand ceremony. Layered sand from where he proposed on the east coast and sands where they tied the knot in Jamaica was filled into a jar for a treasured keepsake. In addition, to their sand ceremony I really enjoyed witnessing the pure love and how their love of God shined through. Romans 12:10, which states, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” was a piece of her vow and it was clear to see that they were both devoted to one another forever. Clearly, these two were Gods plan all along.

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  1. Barbara Trail Beville

    January 29th, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    So beautiful and romantic. Congrats! You both look so happy…love you!

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