My Month in Review {March}

Wow March was definitely a fun-filled month! With the start of Spring this month, that meant sunshine and more outdoor activities. I have a list of hikes I have been wanting to hike  in the Pacific Northwest for a couple of years now and with being pregnant and then having my little one last year it has been hard to find time to complete them. I don’t always want to leave my son, so I have been doing hikes maybe once or twice a month. This month I was able to hike Rattlesnake Ledge and we did it on a Thursday morning when there was a high chance of rain which also meant clouds. However, we lucked out and got perfect weather and an open sky to see the views from the top of the trail. Having my camera of course and a beautiful lady with me I took the opportunity to just have some fun and try new things. Soooo glad I did because I am totally in love with what came of it. I am always open to trying new things and experimenting so throughout this year you will for sure see some new and improved stuff including double exposures, free-lensing and hopefully some underwater work as well!

Some of my favorite moments this month were seeing my son exploring outside. He absolutely loves to wander and feel ‘free’ to go where ever he wants when he is outside, so as a mom and a photographer it is fun capturing his joy and happiness outside the walls of the house. His favorite objects, like most kids, are rocks! Who knew rocks could be so fun and interesting?! Nonetheless, he will pick up the first rock he sees and carry it around until he finds another. It is quite amusing actually.
March also meant spring break! YAY! Spring break usually consists of staying home because my husband is a baseball coach and always has to coach during the break, but for the first time in a long time we were able to have a few days as a family! I seriously cherished every moment of this. We went to Seattle and spent time with my dad which is fun in itself because seeing papa doesn’t happen very often. While we were on the westside we took a visit to The Big Four Ice Caves. If you have not been to this gem then you need to go. It is truly a fun and unique experience, with a hike a mile in you get to see some awesome landscapes and walk inside an ice cave! Definitely not something you would think to find in Granite Falls, thats for sure. Our next day together we went to the beach and who doesn’t like to go to the beach?! Water is my biggest inspiration and it just fascinates me, so being by water make me one happy camper. You will most definitely see a lot of posts revolving around water or being by water. In fact, next months review will be jam packed with water inspiration!
We rounded out the month with a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. A first trip to that Zoo for all of us and of course our little mans first trip ever. Once again watching and photographing this boys excitement is so rewarding.  Check out all the goodness below!

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  1. Shannon Hager

    April 20th, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Oh my goodness, he is so cute Jessica!!! I love these photos!

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