Mountain Elopement at Colchuck Lake

I have had my eye on doing a mountain elopement at Colchuck Lake. With its glacier water and picturesque mountains it was a must for me. Colchuck Lake, which is part of The Enchantments in central Washington, is by far one of the most beautiful places I have been to in WA. This location is a hidden gem that you wouldn’t think to find in the middle of the state, but it absolutely screams Pacific Northwest with it’s mountains and clear water surrounded by forest trees. It however will take some work to get to this location, this was my first big hike after having our son and I about died. Needless to say I probably should have done some previous hikes beforehand, BUT I did survive and  that also shows it is doable without previously working out. I teamed up with Maddie Wilbur, with Maddie Mae Photography, about 2-3 weeks prior to plan this epic mountain elopement at Colchuck Lake. We really wanted to focus on the journey of this shoot and went with an adventure and love theme. Because it was such a long hike we knew that we wanted our models to incorporate such an element and therefore had them wear hiking shoes. We both felt that would add to the adventure portion of the shoot and really target those couples who are adventurous, because well we LOVE couples who are willing to hike for 3 hours in order to make it to an amazing destination. With that said we couldn’t be more thankful of our models Yasi and Konner for taking on the challenge of hiking in the middle of summer for this mountain elopement at Colchuck Lake. Also want to thank Brit Solie with Solie Designs for putting together a last minute bouquet for us to use.

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