My Month In Review {April}




April has been a month of exploring outside and the continuing of crossing hikes off my list. This month I was able to cross off Abiqua Falls and Oneonta Gorge off of my list. Both are two of the most serene and unique experiences I have been a part of.  Abiqua Falls was an adventure in itself which involved getting lost for about 3 hours and then a quick and fast hike down while we raced against the sunlight. I will be blogging our styled shoot there shortly. Oneonta is probably the most unique hikes of them all. It involves carefully walking across logs and climbing over a log jam to only enter water that eventually you have to wade in. We were lucky enough to get there with hardly anyone else around, so was able to shoot down the gorge for my engagement session. I will also be blogging that session shortly. Both of these locations are great spots for elopements in the PNW.

To add to water inspired locations, I recently started shooting water sessions and did my first one this month. We traveled up to Rimrock Lake and I was happy I had a brave soul to enter the waters because the water was freezing. With my kid and the frigid water temps, we had very minimal time shooting. I am so excited to shoot more water sessions over the year. The water gives photos a different point of view in my opinion and the one for Rimrock Lake was a very raw form of beauty.

As always, my month in review includes photos of my little one- Bryden. I did some more experimenting with free lensing while we were in the back yard this month and it is a very tricky task, but I plan to have a good handle on it by the end of the year.

Lastly, we threw a surprise bday for my very good friend Laura and it was a total success! We had such a fun time planning it and even better time spending her birthday as a group to celebrate her last year in the 20s, love you Laura!


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