Water session

Water Session
Video: By Isaac Gautschi

For the longest time now I have been planning a promo video to showcase how a water session works and what it entails. After many, many, hurdles I was finally able to pull this session together up at beautiful Lake Crescent last month.Water sessions are a very different form of art and a great piece of memorabilia you can hang in your home or display through an album.

I always get asked, why water? Water has been a big inspiration for me over the years. It’s color, tone and power vary and it is extremely fascinating to me. To bring couples into the water creates an entirely different dynamic, in my opinion. There are so many amazing bodies of water in the world and the Pacific Northwest holds some of the most picturesque, so why not shoot in it?!

These sessions are for those that have a love for water and want to have a unique experience. Think of those summer days you have spent with your loved one on a beach, lake, at a waterfall- very simple and laid back date. That is my goal, capturing the two of you on a very informal and fun date with a perspective from the water.


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