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Whitney reached out to me recently because she was inspired by a recent blog post I did. Whitney, is the founder of Beloforte and was drawn to the blog post I wrote in regards to my social media cleanse. Specifically, the amount of time spent on social media. Therefore, this collaboration is geared towards time better spent with focus on yourself.


“Beloforte is derived from the Portuguese words for beauty & strength. BELOFORTE is an interpretation of apparel for women who want to exude those two traits. The brand is committed to crafting clothing for the woman whose confidence determines her style, and whose style defines her strength and beauty.”
After reading this under their “about us” I was able to be more intentional with how I wanted the shoot to flow and portray. Beloforte is all about confidence and portraying that confidence through your style. Her clothing speaks high end, fashionable and I just love that you can wear her apparel many different ways.

The Vision

When Whitney had contacted me, I immediately said yes and had a very simple vision in mind. That vision tied in perfectly with how I am approaching this new year. This vision incorporates taking the hour I would spend on social media and redirecting that focus to time on myself. Seems kind of selfish when typing it out, but the benefits I believe will be far more. So what do I mean exactly? I easily spend an hour or more a day on social media, whether its just scrolling down my newsfeed or actually prepping a post for my feed. Therefore, I want to utilize this time more efficiently. Being a mother to two active kids, ages 3 and 1, I don’t spend much time for myself. I basically roll out of bed and throw on a sweatshirt and thats my attire for the day. Anyone else?
When I am not doing photography, my part-time job is teaching P.E. at the elementary level, so you can definitely believe that I live in yoga pants or athletic gear. Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, in fact I love wearing athletic gear all the time.  However, the part that I am starting to really notice is that there is not too much care for looking very presentable. Sadly, this is flat out just because I haven’t put much time into myself. So how do the two tie in together? Great question.  My husband would always, and still does say, “look good, feel good, play good,” which originated from a Deion  Sanders quote, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good”.  Every time he said this I sort of just giggled and then moved along not thinking much into it, until now. When Whitney reached out to me I instantly thought about this quote and it seemed to intertwine perfectly. If I give myself time to focus on me, I will feel refreshed and confident, which will lead to me being more productive and successful. YES! Beloforte is a brand that gives you that motivation to want to “feel good and look good” and have the confidence to pursue your goals. I was so happy to bring this vision to life and collaborate with her and her brand.
All in all, this was a lifestyle approach to give yourself time in the morning to focus on you and what you want to accomplish for the day/week/year then pursue it. I can’t wait to see how this will play out in my personal life in 2017 while social media takes a backseat.

*from the few photos I did post on my feeds, I will just state here that the photos are not of me; I am behind the camera 🙂

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