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Couples Water Session {October}

Another photographer and I made a spontaneous decision to travel down to southern California to cram in as many shoots as we could in a weekend and that we did. With an engagement session, styled shoot and portrait sessions we packed our 48 hours in Los Angeles with as much as we could. One of the sessions I was able to fit in was a couples water session.

What is a water session?

A water session is a typical session but with a perspective from inside the water instead of land or boat. This is a unique idea for all couples with the emphasis still on them, but getting a an entirely different angle straight at the surface of (or under) the water. I wrote about these sessions more in depth on a previous blog post.

Dave + Shelby

I had posted in Rising Tide Society that I was looking for couples who were interested in said session and Shelby had reached out to me. I was so excited to have someone that was genuinely excited about doing a *different* type of session and being a photographer herself I just knew it was going to be fun all around.   Dave and Shelby have a very energetic, friendly and outgoing vibe. I instantly felt comfortable hanging out with them and was happy that I didn’t have to give much direction to interact naturally.

The Water

Being that it was the end of October we all knew the water was probably not going to be as warm as it would have been in July and of course we were right. The water was extremely chilly. I can’t complain much because I usually wear a wetsuit since I have to be fully submerged majority of the time, but I give Shelby and David major kudos for sticking it out for the 30 minutes they did.

The Results

Although the water was chilly, a couples water session is always unique and different. The tones and movement of the water provide for a great backdrop and authentic emotion.

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Photos: J.M.Hunter Photography

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