Zach + Morgan’s Cannon Beach Engagement Session

Zach and Morgan’s Cannon Beach engagement session last year was one I will never forget. They decided on the coast for sentimental reasons as it is where he proposed and where they hold fond memories from years past. This Cannon Beach engagement session is one of my favorites because we were blessed with some amazing weather for early April and because it was thoroughly enjoyable to witness two people naturally connect and show their love for one another without saying a word. It’s always refreshing to photograph a couple that is so comfortable with one another that they forget I am even there! We started off this Cannon Beach engagement session by walking the boardwalk and then finishing it by walking the beach at sunset. Although we had some great weather equipped with sunshine and no wind, it was still very chilly. Therefore, a blanket was the perfect prop to bring as it aided in something to sit on and something to cover up with! I absolutely adore this couple and am so happy I got to see a piece of their story first-hand.

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All images copyright J.M.Hunter Photography 

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