Evan + Shiann Surprise Waterfall Proposal

This surprise waterfall proposal was by far one of the most exciting proposals I have had the privilege of capturing. Being able to plan it for just over a month back in October allowed for the opportunity to really discuss in detail how it was going to play out on the day. Shiann thought she was getting a couples portrait session, with her then boyfriend Evan, but she ended up with a fiancé after a beautiful surprise waterfall proposal. Originally upon contacting me, Evan was thinking Mt. St Helens for his proposal, but we ended up with narrowing it down to Lower Lewis River Falls. This waterfall was one I haven’t even heard of until mid summer last year and had always wanted to shoot there. I had suggested this location to Evan and he was fully on board once he saw the beauty this waterfall holds. Therefore, the most difficult aspect of planning this surprise waterfall proposal was that neither of us had stepped foot at this location. Being the adventurous couple they are it was a perfect ‘outing’ for the both of them to explore a new place together. Based on pictures and communicating with others who had been to the location regularly I knew there was a portion where you could walk out onto rock. However, that portion was covered in about 3-4 inches of water. Evan’s number one request is that he wanted the proposal to be at the BEST possible spot, even if that meant he had to get wet. So sure enough that is exactly what we did. While communicating with Evan beforehand, I told him that I was going to place them in a couple different spots and then have them facing one another which was going to be his ‘cue’. When we got there, we had to find our way down to the base of the falls, which surprisingly was fairly easy. It was an early October and we were extremely blessed with no rain or wind along with hardly any people there. When we arrived at the base I immediately scouted out the location and continued with our plan and did a couple different places and then had them face one another. However, with the anxiousness and nerves that overcame his body the first cue was missed. I was able to play along and do some more shots and then re-place them facing one another, this time I had the opportunity to give him a nod which meant now is the time! With extreme shock and excitement Shiann said YES!!! We were finally able to breathe and let her in on the little secret and continue with the rest of their now engagement session. It isn’t every day that a guy plans a proposal with a photographer and I am so happy I got to capture a piece of their journey and story.
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