Nakoa + Talia’s Anniversary Paddle Board Session

My quick 24 hour trip to Maui, Hawaii turned out to be well worth it after adding this couples paddle board session to my portfolio. In February I took an insanely short trip to Maui, for a wedding I was shooting, where I was literally only on the island for 24 hours. I was determined to pencil in another session while there and was thrilled when Nakoa and Talia were willing to let me and fellow photographer Tonie take pictures of them for their 3rd anniversary. Now this session wasn’t your typical PNW session on top of a mountain or in front of a waterfall, but rather incorporated two of their biggest passions- the ocean. A couples paddle board session has always been something that I wanted to shoot, not only because I think it is different and unique, but because I too just love being out in the water.

I still remember waking up so exhausted even though I gained two hours due to time change, and traveling down to meet Tonie for the first time. Interesting story there- Tonie and I both live in Washington and both knew of one another but had never met before. Who would have thought our first time meeting and shooting together would be in Maui?!! Meeting her and doing the session together made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Although being exhausted, there is just something about waking up early next to the ocean and hearing waves crash against the beaches that gives you a fresh mind and clean slate so to speak. That was just what I needed knowing the day I had ahead of me. We agreed on early morning due to light, crowds and plans that were already made for the afternoon and it was so great! Nakoa and Talia took us to this little secret spot (I only say secret because a tourist there wouldn’t know to go to that specific spot) where we started on land and then finished with them getting on their SUP paddling out into the ocean. It was such a breath of fresh air to be shooting something completely different and seeing two people not only in love with one another, but passionate about what they were doing. Clearly, I NEED to do more sessions like these. Yes, I know, I don’t live by the ocean, but there are plenty of good lakes in the state that would be great for a couples paddle board session. Just saying!

I submitted this Maui anniversary session to Junebug Weddings and they featured Nakoa + Talia’s anniversary session last month which is such an honor, so you can check it out there as well.

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