Oneonta Gorge Engagement

A river bed filled with walls of lush greens was the perfect backdrop for this Oneonta Gorge engagement session. Derek and Shayla were up for the adventure that this beautiful location holds and that is precisely what they got. In order to get into this location it requires climbing, balancing and walking over a big log jam. Once passed this point you are taken into this beautiful canal filled with tall green walls and a bed of water waist high. Because we ventured in early April the water was waist high from the very beginning. However, that did not stop us from hiking in as far as we could handle the ice cold waters. If we were willing to go into chest deep water we could have hiked all the way to the back to see the waterfall, but beginning of April was cold enough to not want to do that. I love that my clients are adventurous and willing to travel and hike the places they do. Oneonta Goge is an experience like none other and I highly recommend seeing this location if you are traveling to the Cascade Locks area; which is not far outside of Portland, Oregon. Derek and Shayla hiked in with their attire and changed on the small patch of dry rocks further into the canyon. Wearing a dress really allowed to showcase the movement of the water and bring an elegance to the shoot. Oneonta Gorge is a perfect location for adventurous couples (married, engaged, wedding, elopement) that want an experience they will not forget. Derek and Shayla made a day trip of their Oneonta Gorge engagement session and spent the day exploring this hidden gem followed by some great food and drinks.

Location: Oneonta Gorge (Cascade Locks) OR

Couple: Derek + Shayla

Month: April

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Photos copyright J.M.Hunter Photography

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