Havasu Falls | AZ

It has been a couple of years since we hiked in the Grand Canyon, but this experience was unlike any other I have been a part of. The first and biggest hurdle we came across was getting the pass to actually do the hike itself. The site goes live on February 1st and sells out for the entire year in a matter of minutes. I was fortunate enough to have a couple computers going and phones to get access to two passes! Therefore, we were officially locked in for the end of June. After tons and tons of research and blog reading we had purchased all of the necessities that we would need for the hike.
Fast forward to getting to the starting point of the hike. My husband and I flew into Las Vegas and then drove the 3 hours to get to the parking lot. There was one section of the drive we weren’t really sure what to expect and that was the final stretch to the starting point. There were numerous blogs talking about the wildlife and we did not know how often the wildlife would be. Come to find out it was a lot more often than we expected. We had to go so slow during this stretch because we were constantly stopping or having to slow down for various animals running across or being in the middle of the road.
When we made it to the parking lot we found a spot as close to the starting point of the hike and slept in the car. We got up before 4am to get a head start on the 10 mile hike. Both my husband and I felt the hike to the falls went super fast and was fairly easy as it was pretty flat and mostly downhill. Hiking in the middle of the Grand Canyon was something I can’t even put into words because the views are absolutely breathtaking. Walking through two massive rock walls was an experience in itself then walking down a ride to see an ice blue milky blue waterfall was the cherry on top.
Outside of my kids, this hike still sits as the number one experience of my life. Enjoy images both from my phone and my camera.


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