Quarantine | Life at Home

Since the closure of schools back in mid-March, it has been a big adjustment for all families in WA state. My husband and I are both P.E. teachers, I at the elementary level and him at the high school level. After the announcement the first two weeks were stressful and involved a lot of trial and error trying to figure out what worked for us as a family and for the kids. We turned our downstairs into a school learning space and used their school schedule as a guideline to have some form of structure throughout the day.
The first few weeks all blended together and went by fairly quickly. “Spring break” happened and it wasn’t until after that week that I realized how important having some form of structure in place was for our family. When I got the news about Inslee closing school for the remainder for the 2020 year, my heart broke for a lot of kids that are losing such a precious space to play and be with friends. I am thankful that both my husband and I get to be home with the kids and gain insight to how they tick and learn material. I have been taking images as a keepsake during this time to eventually make an album to look back on over the years. Below are a handful from this time.


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