6 ways to have success without social media

success without social media

Success Without Social Media

I keep hearing one of two things once I tell people that I am doing a social media cleanse for 6 months. One- that is so awesome, I need to this as well… or two, I would do this but am afraid it will hugely impact my business; how do you plan to reach new clients and have success without social media?

The second response is one that weighed on my mind and still does. Ultimately, this boils down to defining what success is. For me, it is that I can still reach clients and use my time well. The time factor was the biggest reason I gave up social media, but if you want to see the other reasons feel free to read my blog post- 5 reasons I am doing a social media cleanse.
I was so thrilled when The Rising Tide Society announced #therechargechallenge a couple weeks ago and it fit perfectly with how I am gearing up for this new year.
In my head I both kind of giggle and stress when people are in awe of me giving up the social side of things with my business. Giggle, because I feel they don’t think I have a plan in place; stress, because it is stressful and because its such an unknown. Well to inform everyone, I am both preparing myself and a little nervous. I have been working my tail off behind scenes getting everything prepped for these next 6 months without social media. I am going to share how I plan to have success without social media; All of which are ways that *I* feel will be most beneficial to my business.

  1. Newsletter

    Being that I will not be posting to social media I needed some form of way to reach people and share my new work or just plain old information! Therefore, I have set up a newsletter (join if you wish to stay in the loop) to share behind the scenes, new work, giveaways, or any kind of information I feel like sharing. This was important to me because I have engagement with people who are truly interested in what I do and *want* to know what is to come or what is new and exciting.

  2.  Blogging

    Just like a newsletter this outlet is probably the most important to me. Blogging not only allows me to share all the new sessions I have been a part of, but also helps my SEO (search engine optimization), which is such a huge component I have been wanting to improve on for quite some time now. Word of mouth has been great for my business, but I want people to reach me that may have not heard of me. Which leads me to my next idea for success without social media- reaching out to like-minded vendors.

  3. Connecting with vendors/community

    This is and has always been a huge aspect for any type of business. I plan to continue reaching out to other vendors and those in my community to connect and work together. Specifically, connecting with those that align with my work and what I am about.

  4. Hiring an assistant

    I have contemplated hiring a social media assistant to take over my accounts and post for me. I am still unsure about this, but I do like that idea of knowing someone will be handling my social media platforms and keeping things in order until I return. The reality is, social media IS a great tool for businesses and having an assistant to utilize it would be fantastic.

  5. Being More Intentional

    What exactly does this mean? To me it means digging deeper and fine tuning my business. I want to make sure that those I am collaborating with or what I am doing really aligns with my vision and my brand. In addition, having purpose for what I want to achieve such as my goals for 2017. This goes hand-in-hand with having goals to reach throughout the year. I think its so important to set goals and to tell people  your goals AND put them visible where you can see them. Doing so allows others to hold you accountable and gives yourself a reminder everyday what you are trying to reach.

  6. Time for myself

    I had talked in a previous post, focus + pursue, about “Look good, feel good, play good” and I do believe that taking time for myself will hugely impact my business in a positive way. This time doesn’t necessarily have to be 3 hours a day, but more so just having 15 minutes of peace and quiet in the morning before the chaos of the day begins.
    All of these are ways I know I can have success without social media and am so excited to see where this leads me over the next 6 months. I will be doing blog posts over the course of time sharing my experiences along the way. CHEERS to the year to come!


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