Whidbey Island Wedding at Jenne Farm

Whidbey Island Wedding at Jenne Farm (July)

My oh my where do I begin with this Whidbey Island wedding! I remember it like it was yesterday, making the long drive over and meeting Rachel, who by the way is an amazing woman and photographer! We met up and took the ferry over to the beautiful island from Mukilteo. Once there we made our trek to Captain Whidbey Inn, (with a coffee stop in between of course) which is a lodge that sits right on a rocky beach front. Let’s break down the day.


Kali and Evan did it right and spent the morning getting ready with a very close knit group. What I enjoyed the most during this time was being tucked away in a cabin with the view of the waters edge and hearing the story of Kali’s “somethings” for the day. Her something borrowed was her sisters wedding band, which I think is amazing! Never had a bride take someone else’s wedding band and the moment of exchanging was just so simple and perfect. For Kali’s something blue her mom found a blue pendant on the island that she attached to her wedding bouquet. Being that they found the pendant on the island made it even more special because her bouquet was made of flowers that her mother hand-picked from local shops on the island as well. Lastly, her something new was her beautiful Theia Couture gown from The Dress Theory in Seattle. Her gown consisted of three separate pieces- two different tops and the skirt. This gown stuck out to her most in that she hopes her sister will wear her skirt for her wedding day! Love that Kali was thinking of someone else even though it was her day she was planning for.

Bride + Groom Portraits

Since Captain Whidbey set right on a rocky beach front, we thought it was the perfect location for them to see each other for the first time. This moment the bride and groom get to share together before everything else has to be my favorite. Kali walked down this gorgeous “beach access” stairway to make her walk towards Evan. Once they connected they spent some time alongside the beach and then we ventured out around the island before making our way back to the venue


This Whidbey Island Wedding at Jenne Farm is located in Coupeville on Whidbey Island and speaks everything vintage, elegant and of course country. The layout of this venue is perfect with more than enough space for guests to re-locate during different segments of a wedding day. My favorite most definitely was the farm house and the farm tables for the reception. The farm house is used for lodging and sits right in the middle of the mix of everything. Nonetheless, this venue is a hidden gem not too far from Seattle.

Ceremony + Reception

Because the farm house sits in the middle of everything, Kali was able to watch the guests be seated and fill  up the ceremony location from a bedroom on the second floor. She then made her walk from the porch toward Evan where they said “I do”. Guests relocated to the opposite side of the house and played all kind of yard games and fed the farm animals. After dinner was served the guests came and sat at farm tables which lined the side of the farmhouse. I love everything about farm tables, but more so the atmosphere it brings being that everyone is close together. It truly felt like a close and connected group which made it so enjoyable to witness. After dinner guests made their way to the original granary on site where the reception proceeded with all its festivities. We were able to sneak away at sunset up a path that overlooked Ebey’s Landing. Again, another favorite moment of mine when the bride and groom get another (uninterrupted) moment between themselves.  After a quick sunset session The Klein’s made their way back to the party and closed out the night. Find my favorite snippets from their day below.

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Whidbey Island Wedding
Venue: Jenne Farm
Wedding Gown: Theia Couture via The Dress Theory (Seattle)
Hair & Make-up: Yessie Libby 
Catering: Serendipity Catering and Events
Suit: J.Crew
Photography: J.M.Hunter Photography

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