Adventurous Senior Session at Lower Lewis River Falls

Adventurous senior session- Allie
Lower Lewis River Falls

When Allie told me she wanted to do something that involved nature, I was thrilled to give her a handful of options to choose from. I was even more excited when she chose Lower Lewis River Falls. This waterfall is a beautiful waterfall that is becoming more and more popular. Last year I photographed a surprise proposal and it was the first time I had heard of it and now it is a place I recommend to a lot of my clients. This adventurous senior session is the perfect atmosphere for those willing to get in the water and be in a more natural setting. Allie is a dancer which excited me even more when she mentioned she wanted to incorporate it into her session.
We started the day off with a long drive to the falls, which by the way is an incredibly scenic drive from Central Washington. Once arriving at the location, we had to hike our way down the trail to find a path that led down to the river. AFter reaching the river you have to hike back up the river in ankle deep water towards the base of the falls. What is awesome about this waterfall is that there is a huge slate in front of the waterfall with only a few inches of water where you can hangout and watch people cliff jump. Some people even bring chairs to sit and swim around the area. We started Allie’s adventurous senior session by just walking around on the slate and embracing the mist that was drifting towards us from the power of the water hitting into the pool at our feet. Being that it was summer we made the decision to get there earlier in the day to avoid crowds from showing up during our time there. This really paid off because we had the entire slate to ourselves, which led our session into sitting on the edge of the slate and also standing with the large spread of the falls behind Allie. Lastly, we did another outfit change into her dance attire and played around some more on the slate then made our way to a dry piece of land across the river.
If you are looking for an adventurous senior session in Washington, this location has endless possibilities. In addition, this spot would be perfect for a senior water session.

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Photography: J.M.Hunter Photography

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